A project I want to visit later!

posted Jul 16, 2015, 7:01 AM by Amy S   [ updated Jul 16, 2015, 7:09 AM ]
Many of you know that I often have the pleasure of working on giant poo pits.  Thankfully, I don't visit those after they are in use.  However, I've been saving a really awesome project that was a pleasure to visit during construction and even more fun now that it's done.  I present... Sea Lion High.  
Working on this project was interesting, informative, challenging- all the great things about a great project.  Aluminum structural shapes are used for all the structural backup of the scenery.  Many of the things I typically must consider were not an issue here.  For instance, I often have to worry about overhead clearance or floor to floor heights.  Since the actors (the human ones) are considered specially trained, we were allowed to make overhead clearances a little lower and the floor to floor heights on some of the platforms are 4ft!  
In exchange, we had a few unusual additions.  The controlling live load was the walrus, which you may soon see on my resume.  I've attached a few pictures of construction, and then a final picture provided by SRO Associates.  
close up engineeringstructural construction
completed structural
Image courtesy of SRO Associates.

On this project, Outlier performed spot checks of particular situations and offered advice on making the inside of the set more user- friendly.  Working within the constraints of 'what we have on hand' for structural shapes offered an opportunity for creativity.