Q&A about the merger- Part 1

posted Jan 30, 2014, 10:56 AM by Amy S   [ updated Jan 30, 2014, 10:56 AM ]
I'm taking a break from the awesome picture format to answer some FAQ about my recent merger.  We are still excited every day about the potential this partnership represents.

Q: What changed?  Everything looks the same and you still answer the phone!
A:  Well, the biggest change is that I now have full time staff.  There are now 5 of us essentially working for the same company.  I do still answer the phone, as does every employee in a small business.  I don't answer it as much, though.  
Q: How do I email you?  
A: My email is amys "at" outliereng "dot" com
Q: How will this affect our previous relationship?
A: My intent is to offer expanded services, faster.  Previously, with just me, I couldn't take on projects that were intricate AND schedule restricted.  We can do so now.
Q: Do you do residential?
A:  YES!!!!  If you asked me previously, the answer was a very qualified yes.  With the new staffing arrangement, residential design is a significant income source for us.
Q: Why did you change websites?  
A: The old website had a "pllc" in it.  We are now incorporated.  Keeping that website means that all our emails would have had this corporate designation in it.  Changing now seemed the better option than changing in a year or so.