An Interesting business book

Post date: Feb 20, 2014 3:28:21 PM

At Outlier, we believe in continuous improvement.  Along those lines, I recently read a book called "Before Happiness", by Shawn Achor.  

In this book, he talks about various ways to set and reach goals.  The premise is that by focusing on the positive, we become more successful.  There is no mention of Chi or talk of crystals.  In fact, I found his research based suggestions for setting and reaching goals really useful and APPLICABLE.  

The best thing about the research is that he has footnotes and often the location where you can access the studies he uses.  

Today's specific point is about (and I quote directly)

Reality Architecture, choosing the most valuable reality- see a greater range of realities by training your brain to add vantage points and see the world from a broader perspective.  

How this really hit home to me is that we need to look at a wider variety of business opportunities, not just ones that come from traditional channels.  

I hope that you find this book as useful as I did.