Ask the Engineer!!!

Post date: Jul 29, 2013 2:1:27 PM

Very often, I get asked questions on the side.  I love these questions.  They offer all sorts of benefits to both parties.  I get to learn from someone else's possible mistake.  I get to see projects that I didn't design and wasn't involved with and can therefore offer an objective opinion.  I have answered questions about other engineers' work pretty frequently.  On the other side, the asker gets a quick, free answer that will help shape their strategy or close a loop.  

As you know, though, I am only a Structural Engineer.  I know very little about Mechanical Systems or Platting or Environmental.  When I come across those questions and need an answer, I often look here:

That's where you'll find the answer to the email subject line.  

Now, of course this is the internet, but I've found the that the posters will very often quote code at each other and then I can look that up for my own verification.  

So that's the information, a link to a forum where you can get an answer to non-structural questions.  

Happy Summer!