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Post date: Jul 24, 2012 8:14:7 PM

Expertise Areas

Why choose Outlier Engineering, PLLC

Outlier Engineering, PLLC is a business based Structural Engineering practice.  We believe in giving the client what they want: an on time quality project without any fuss.  After all, you hired us to be the experts. We are happy to talk to you about what you need, small or large, detailed or not.


During an initial start‐up period, Outlier Engineering’s President, Amy Stone, PE, will personally perform much of the firm’s precast engineering and management for projects. Outlier Engineering will also work with trusted and experienced precast engineers on a contract basis  with the intent of hiring these precast engineers as company employees. Ms. Jennifer Tovar, PE will initially provide this contract engineering service.

The majority of precast detailing, during the initial start‐up period, will be provided to Outlier Engineering on a contract basis. Ms. Stone has developed a  working relationship with PPS, a detailing firm.  PPS offers a large staff of experienced detailers capable of providing accurate and timely production drawings.  Additionally, PPS is capable of developing high quality erection drawings.

Amy Stone, PE, President

Jennifer Tovar, Contracted engr. w/ 7 years of precast experience

PPS, Staff of up to 10 detailers available

Rhonda Duarte, Day‐to‐day bookkeeping


Livingston County Jail, NY - this project involved 5 precasters providing precast jail cells, double-t’s, hollow core planks, l-shaped beams, rectangular beams, columns, solid walls, insulated walls and stairs.  Ms. Stone designed a few of each of these products to provide an example for other engineers to follow.  She coordinated with each precaster to ensure that the production drawings produced would accurately and clearly show the design intent.  Also, with this project the first time these precasters had worked together, Ms. Stone met with each to learn their techniques and capabilities.

Binz-Englemen Road over Salado Creek, Texas- this project was a City of San Antonio Bond Project.  The Salado Creek Crossing is a 600’ long TxDOT standard bridge.  The City determined that their field staff needed expert structural assistance to provide inspection services on this project.  Ms. Stone visited the site many times to assist the City staff in interpreting drawings and specifications and making decisions.  Ms. Stone provided information, informal training and expertise for construction questions, from bridge beam fabrication to approach slab placement.  

Huebner Creek Drainage Improvements, Texas- This project is a small part of a larger drainage improvement project.  Ms. Stone designed a round structure that serves as a manhole and a junction box.  A round junction box is unusual, but was desired by the client.  Four pipes, at various angles of entry and elevations penetrate the walls of the junction box.  The junction box is approximately 6feet in diameter and 30feet tall.  Ms. Stone used San Antonio Water Systems standards as a starting point for the design.  

Rittiman Road over Salado Creek, Texas- this project is an ongoing City of San Antonio Bond project.  It is a 700’ long TxDOT and City Standard bridge.  Ms. Stone performed many construction cost estimates on varying approach and bridge configurations.  These configurations included the shallowest superstructure, the fewest bents, the most economic superstructure.  With the assistance of the hydraulic engineer, the most economic all weather crossing configuration was selected.  A-beams and standard bents were selected.  

It was necessary that the road remain open for traffic during the construction period.  Ms. Stone designed a phased construction sequence to allow 2-way traffic on the bridge at all times.

Ms. Stone used both TxDOT and City Standards to design a bridge to meet the clients expectations.  Nine low height and short length retaining walls were necessary for this project.   

The bridge has both vertical curvature and a slight horizontal curvature.  

Toll Plaza at an International Bridge, Texas- this project was a masonry structure supporting staff at the International Bridge at Tornillo-Guadalupe.   The project is in a special wind and seismic zone.  Ms. Stone ensured the masonry design and detailing meet the current code requirements.  Bar joists comprise the roof.  The structure houses server banks requiring extra mechanical units.  Also, a hardened room and vault for cash tolls were incorporated.   The foundation was designed considering the site’s expansive soils.  Ms. Stone provided calculations for these components.

A government owned barracks, outside the United States- This project was a very light framed structure that did not have adequate design documents or construction oversight.  I assisted the client in reviewing submissions from the designer of record for remedial repairs.  I also assisted in reviewing calculations both for the overall design and the remedial repair design.  I advised the client on which areas of disagreement to pursue and which areas were adequately designed for continued occupation.