Walk the plank!

Post date: Sep 19, 2014 3:32:2 PM

Or not.  I pride myself on being intelligently fearless.  Because there is nothing worse that the expert you paid to come out to the site saying they won't go in the attic, or crawl in the mud.  How are we supposed to see anything to solve the problem?  In pursuit of information, I have ridden 26 stories in a window washers rig, visited poo pits, climbed 2 story ladders, walked in diesel mud 8 inches deep, etc.  However, I would not walk the plank between these two scaffolding units.  

For your Friday entertainment, here are two pictures of how I met my match.  So, check out the first picture.  That's a 2x12 turned sideways between two sets of scaffolding.  It's what, 6' off the ground?  

Now look at this picture.  That's the SECOND level of planks- yes, I saw someone walk on it.  It's probably 12 feet off the ground!

Have a great Friday!