Outlier steps into the future

Post date: Jul 05, 2013 3:41:49 PM

This next week, I'll be out of town.  The trick is to figure out where...  With today's technology, I'll bet most of you wouldn't have even noticed!  I have used skype to meet 'face to face' and show sketches to each participants.  I'm a convert to Google earth for preparing site visits (like where to park and potential hazards). My office phone is actually a cell phone- these days I don't even get charged roaming.  With the wi-fi connection at the local coffee shop, I'll be able to check email and connect to my documents in the cloud.  None of these methods is, of course, brand spanking new, but fairly established and relatively bug-free.  

Yes, you can show this post to your boss and argue for telecommuting.

In the next few weeks, I'll also be making tweaks to our website.  You'll notice our new buzz phrase "At Outlier Engineering, we know that being a small business doesn't mean we have to act like one."

Using technology, like I described above, is one way that Outlier can stay nimble and perform like a much larger company.  Have a great July!