Small project highlight-mystery column

Post date: May 15, 2014 3:46:13 PM

I often get asked if a project is too small.  Just for the record, probably not.  According to building code, your Lawn Mower Cave of Wonders Storage Shed still needs an Engineered Foundation.  So do carports, big generators, water storage tanks, etc.  We frequently work with clients that need a single light pole foundation, or even a single beam design for an opening in a load bearing wall.

This leads into one of our smaller projects.  We were able to keep the cost down as it happened to be in the same building as another of our projects and we didn't have to make a special trip out there.   The story begins with demolition... while a contractor was removing some non-load bearing walls in this building, they found a column.  You can clearly see it in the picture below.  

Now, the column doesn't appear to be supporting anything and no one remembers why it is there.  However, the building owner wanted an Engineer's letter to submit to the Building official that approved the removal of the column.  So, we arranged a site visit that coincided with a site visit to our other project, observed the column in all it's mysterious glory and provided the letter.  All this on a time frame and price range acceptable to the clients. 

We think the column was there to support a sign.  But that is just a guess based on the tab about 18" off the floor.  Do you know what this column was for?

Beautiful, right?