Rossun Construction Management

Post date: Jul 24, 2012 8:31:19 PM

Roark Rossun opened Rossun Construction Management in early 2011.  He serves as owner's representative in long term, complex construction projects.  

He is currently a member of SAME (Society of American Military Engineers).  Mr. Rossun finds that his background in the Air Force helps him relate to clients in this organization.  

Mr. Rossun had some great advice for Outlier Engineering, PLLC.  In addition to referring me to the Small Business Administration, he had the following suggestions.  

1-He only uses a simple brochure and has found that's as effective as flashy presentations.

2-Business cards remain the primary marketing tool.

3-Textbooks and reference books are no less useful from E-bay

4-Network, Network, Network.

Thanks, Roark!