Juvenile Humor- Structural Engineering style

Post date: May 21, 2015 7:10:38 PM

As some of you may know, Outlier is semi-famous for giving a talk at ASCE called 'the Racy side of Structural Engineering'.  Since we are approaching a long weekend, with summer so close, I thought I would talk about the two latest additions to that talk.

As usual for an Engineer, I try to take something fun and titillating and then just stomp out all the joy.  Below you will find the fun phrase, and then the boring explanation.

Qualifications of Butt Splicers- I was editing specifications, and this was one of the standard paragraphs.  Unfortunately, this project did not allow butt splicing in rebar, and I eventually had to delete the entire reference.   

Erection Counts.xls- yes, I reviewed a spreadsheet with this name.  It is actually a listing of the kinds of plates for a precast concrete job and how many of each plate are needed for the putting-together phase.  

As this website aims to be completely safe for work, I won't go into the many many jokes around the office about either of these lovely phrases.  Happy Friday!