Great news about New Braunfels!

Post date: May 22, 2013 12:38:9 PM

As you know, I am based in the lovely town of New Braunfels.  On May 11th, the citizens of this town passed all four propositions of the Bond Proposal.  There are a few projects that I think are particularly good news.

Live Oak Ave./Katy St. Improvements

Reconstructs a section of N. Live Oak to raise it out of the floodway. Eliminates a low water crossing and improves access to neighbor-hoods during and after storm events.  This is our main path to and from the soccer fields.  There's a lot of traffic on this tiny road and any improvement will help the smooth flow of traffic to those fields.

Blieders Creek /German Creek Watershed Improvements

Reduces flooding in the Blieders Creek/German Creek watersheds, including Landa Park. Up to $5 million of the project cost will be reimbursed to the City by the Veramendi Development.  We spend a lot of time in Landa Park, probably you do too.  In the last 'rain event, Landa Park was heavily damaged by floodwaters through this watershed.  Interestingly, my house flooded as well and I am above Landa Park in the same watershed.  I like to think that my living room slowed some of that water down before it wiped out the pedestrian bridge.  

Community Recreation Center

Constructs a community recreation center which could include a double gymnasium, classrooms, fitness area, indoor walking track, and locker/shower. A water recreation side could include lap lanes, a resistance/current channel, preschool play features, play slides, and spray features.  Our community is strikingly short of safe water play areas for very young children.  Our rivers, although beautiful are too deep for toddlers.  While my family is past this stage, I want the other families in town to have these choices.

I am proud that I was part of a coalition of folks that advocated for these and the rest of the bond projects.  Way to plan for the future New Braunfels!