The only people whose job is cooler than yours

Post date: Oct 18, 2013 3:45:43 PM

So, I love owning Outlier Engineering, Pllc.  It's been an awesome experience in many ways.  However, when opening a small business, there are a few opportunities one has to relinquish.  

Things like the chance to work on the Washington Monument.  If you haven't been following that,  here's an article from Civil Engineer.

Civil Engineer, the magazine, has been checking in on the repairs periodically.  As a member of ASCE, I get this magazine and it's an important reminder that there is career, opportunity and life outside the normal humdrum routine- even for Engineers who love their work.  And that, if one really wanted, one could throw one's life insurance rates to the wind and inspect something hundreds of feet in the air.  

There is another article this month on the inspection of Hoover Dam, and the new bridge that spans right in front of it.  Really, really cool.