Services & Specialties

Outlier Engineering, Inc. has 6 product lines.  Expertise in these lines along with the exceptional customer service yields not only thoughtfully-designed and on-time projects, but also long-standing business relationships with our satisfied clients.



What Makes Us Different

Some may question how being an “Outlier” is advantageous for an engineering firm.  While this status may be initially perplexing, we believe as “Outliers,” we take the time necessary to understand our clients’ concerns, budget, and time constraints.  Focusing on these factors sets our firm apart.  We appreciate the collaboration with which we are involved and enjoy assisting our clients make informed, knowledgeable decisions from the project’s inception throughout its successful completion.

We believe our approachability and emphasis on clear communication—from questions over the phone or through email throughout the submittal of our construction documents—helps to ensure successful design.