The Poo Pit

Post date: Jun 11, 2013 2:16:43 PM

Recently, I got to see the ugly side of civil engineering.  Normally, I just design wet wells and to me, they are all clean, fresh concrete and equipment pads glistening in the sun.  Not this one.  This one stinks.  A lot.  There are houses really close by; only 75 feet separates the festering miasma from the back door of two homes.  Naturally, these homeowners complain, a LOT.  The owner of the wet well has tried several options.  They have altered the normal operation of the well pump, they have installed several proprietary chemical systems to reduce the odor, all to no avail.  Finally, the owner decided that an airtight hatch was necessary in addition to these other measures.  

The hatch was to be secured to the concrete lid of the wet well by post installed anchor bolts.  That's where I come in.  Those anchor bolts needed to be designed by a licensed design professional.  I knew, of course, when I took this job that I would have to visit the site.  I ended up going twice!  Standing there next to the airtight hatch anchored down by 12-3/8" stainless steel anchor bolts, none of us were sure that this would work, but this stage is done.

What I was thinking, though, was that in my recruitment efforts through ASCE I need to be really careful to LEAVE THIS PROJECT OUT of the conversation.  

Oh, and Outlier has stood in the midst of the the Poo Pit for you.  Outlier has walked through fire (also known as the construction site in mid-summer) for you.  Does anyone have a project in Alaska?