Another poo pit- but not in use yet

Post date: Oct 30, 2014 4:3:50 PM

Folks, sometimes I am amazed at the scale of the infrastructure we design.  On paper, it's about 3 inches across.  In person, it dwarfs a F-350. This is the inside of a wet well.  It's fiberglass.  It will actually be placed into the hole on top of the foundation in the next picture.  Then it will be connected to all sorts of piping and unpleasant things.  


And this is a 20 ft deep hole.  The foundation down there is about 12ft by 12ft.  I did climb down there to check it, and it was lovely.  They did a great job of getting everything spaced, tied, bent and anchored.  

This final picture was taken from the bottom of the hole, just to get a sense of scale.  That's Rigo, the foreman.  Again, they did a great job.  He didn't pull the ladder either and leave me trapped down there!  You can see that even the shoring is big on this project.  

The point is that getting out into the field is invaluable.  Seeing and touching (but not smelling) something clears perceptions and makes better Engineers.

See you outside!